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Q: How much does it cost to join DFI?
A: Dental personnel NEVER pay a fee to DFI.

Q: Should I have my own malpractice insurance?
A: DFI recommends that you do carry your own liability insurance policy. Rates for such policies are very low and will be crucial if you ever find yourself in a position to need it. Many DFI temps use the following company to carry their malpractice policy;

Q: Can I join more than one staffing agency?
A: DFI feels you should have every opportunity to fill your schedule, therefore, we have no policy against joining other agencies. We all cover different areas and have different clients.

Q: Where does DFI cover?
A: Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Lancaster Counties as of January 2009. We plan to expand through 2009 to include Berks County and the state of Delaware.

Q: What do temps make hourly?
A: Hourly wages depend on your experience and location. You have the option to turn down a position if you do not agree with the offered rate.

Q: How do I get paid for temporary assignments?
A: Most offices will pay you via check at the end of the day, or at the end of the assignment if it's more than one day. Most offices do not take out taxes, so please be sure to consult your accountant regarding tax regulations for temping.

Q: How much experience do I need for DFI?
A: DFI requires their dental personnel have at least one year of experience before going on temporary assignments. We feel it is important that you have a personal routine that you can adapt to the temp office. However, DFI is able to help new grads find permanent jobs right out of school.

Q: What does DFI expect from me?
A: We hold our temps, as well as our offices, to the highest standard. Details may be found in the Placement Agreement.
Q: What does it cost to establish an account with DFI?
A: There is no fee to sign up with DFI. We encourage you to set up your account before the need for a temp arises, so that we have your information if you need assistance on short notice.

Q: How does DFI bill?
A: DFI mails invoices on the first and fifteenth of each month. Details on rates may be found on the Rate Sheet.

Q: What do temps make per hour?
A: Temp rates vary dependent upon the temp's experience and the length of notice given. Rates are confirmed with each assignment.

Q: How do temps get paid?
A: Temps usually receive compensation via check at the end of the day for daily jobs, or the end of the week for long term jobs. Please consult with your accountant regarding tax regulations for temporary employees.

Q: What is DFI's cancellation policy?
A: If an offices cancels a temporary employee without 24 hours notice, the office is responsible to pay that temp 25% of their scheduled wages. Details may be found in the Staffing Agreement.